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Know the in-depth details of Blockchain and it's applications

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About this bootcamp
Learn to Code Blockchain: Workshop
Day 1: Introduction and overview (1 hour)
What is Blockchain, history and its major use cases (2 hours)
Architecture of Blockchain, smart contract and understanding DApp (3 hours)
Environment setup and understanding tools to build for blockchain (2 hours)

Day 2: Brushing javascript and introduction to web3.js (1 hour)
Understanding truffle, solidity and gas (2 hours)
Building our first smart contract (3 hours)
Understanding private and public blockchain, deploying smart contract on private blockchain (2 hours)

Day 3: What are cryptocurrencies and its future (1 hour)
What is ICO and the process to launch an ICO. (2 hours)
What is cryptocurrency mining and how can you be a miner (3 hours)
Building cryptocurrency digital wallets (2 hours)

Day 4: Understanding Hashing, Digital Signatures and Cryptography (2 hours)
Security, common loopholes and the thefts in cryptocurrency ( 2 hours)
Live workshop on Azure utilising BAAS (Blockchain As a Service) (3 hours)
IBM’s Hyper-ledger and its possibilities (1 hour)

Day 5:
Case Study 1: Adaptation of blockchain in the UAE
Case Study 2: Startups complimenting government by using blockchain
Case Study 3: Fortune 500 company's transition to blockchain
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About the class

This is a 5-Day bootcamp on the trending and emerging technology - BLOCKCHAIN. The program will cover from the basics of blockchain technology, it's applications and how fast it is being adopted by fast-growing technology world

  • Overall time
    40 Hours (5 Days)
  • Batch size
    20-30 Blockchain Enthusiasts

  • Locations
    Hyderabad | Dubai | Riyadh

  • Fee
    Rs. 32,000

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