Mobile Application Development with React Native

4 Weeks. 2 Real-World Applications.

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About this bootcamp
Learn to Code Mobile Development
Week 1: About React Native, Working with Expo,React Native Hooks Working with React Native FlexBox and Layouts
Compiling and Debugging RN Apps with Android SDk,IOS SDK, Working with Android Emulators, iPhone Emulators
Working with core components Text, View, StyleSheet,Working with core components Text, View, StyleSheet, ScrollView, FlatList, Modal, Touchable Styling with React Native, Inline styling and style sheets

Week 2: Debugging of React Native, Performance Monitoring.
Working With Core React Native Components, Styling Layouts, Building Screens, Building Custom Components
Theming, Working with Keyboard APIs and Events, Working with Alerts.
Building Game Project 1

Week 3: Building Game Project 2, React Native components state management with Redux JS, Advanced Hooks, TextInput Validations, Working with Custom Fonts and Icons, Working with external UI LIbraries

Week 4: Responsive and Adaptive User Interfaces concept with Dimensions API, Screen Orientations API, Platform API, React Native with Backend Handling HTTPs, Working with Camera, Maps, Location, Local Phone DB, Working without Expo, Exploring RN Core CLI, Publishing Apps to App Store and procedures.

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About the class

This is a 4-Week hands on intensive mobile application development program where candiates will be driven through the basics, fundamentals to building 2 successful android applications.

  • Overall time
  • Batch size
    12 candidates per cohort

  • Locations
    Hyderabad | Mumbai | Bangalore

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