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13-Week Full Stack Javascript programming and a hacker is born!

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Week 0-4: Technical Orientation on MERN Stack, How Internet Works, Classification of IP Addresses, Web Servers, Setting up Development Environment, HTML5,CSS3, Git & GitHub, Bootstrap 4, Advanced CSS & SAAS, JavaScript, EcmaScript6 (ES6), Node JS,Postman
Week 5-9: Express JS, MongoDB & Mongoose, Data Structures & Algorithms with Python,REST API's, Data Modelling,Relationships & MongoDB Performance Optimisation with Indexes, Sharding, Regular Expressions
Week 10-13: Authentication with Node, Hashing Passwords with bcrypt, Working with chrome extensions, React JS, React Component State Management with Context API and Redux JS, React Hooks, App Deployment & Production Mode Tools with Google Cloud Computing, Testing.
Key Highlights:

  • Building your own web products & personal portfolio
  • Deploying applications on AWS, Google Cloud etc
  • Learning through internal hackathons & Tech-Talks
  • Algorithm Challenges for Cracking Interviews

  • 1
    Training 30%

    The training part will cover 30% of the curriculum guided by instructors. You'll be trained on the MEA/RN Stack to be the best in the industry.  Apply Now

  • 2
    Development 70%

    Most of the time at the bootcamp you will be spending time playing with the code. Practical application is necessary whenever it comes to becoming a good programmer.

  • 3
    Building amazing projects

    Project 1: Team Project (End-to-End Product Development)
    Project 2: If you have a great product idea , we will help you build that.

    You can download the full curriculum by filling in the form.
    Course Fee: Indian Students: $1550. International Students: $5000

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