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13 Week Fullstack JavaScript programming - and a hacker is born!

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Programming is old school. We create hackers!






With few to 'NO' classroom lectures, we are a hands-on intensive program where you get your hands dirty and code, from day 1. We are inspired from the Silicon Valley and our objective is to bring the much needed hacker culture, and transform Indian software training and development industry.

Our world-class instructors train you on Javascript, HTML5/CSS3 and MongoDB. The cirriculum is desgined by experts that include talent recruiters, tainers and software developers from internet and software gaints, giving you an insight to what's in demand.

Learn. Create. Launch.

We produce high quality, full stack webdevelopers.


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What Sets Us Apart

What did you build?

At The Hacking School, we learn by doing. You choose your project, learn how build it, build it and take it to the market. The idea here is to learn the tricks of the trade.

Hacker. From Day 1.

We focus on building solutions. Right from day 1. Learn how the best coders in the industry do it.

Not just Code.

Product building is one aspect of this program. You'll learn design, best UI & UX practices and best in the industry development methodologies.

What is expected of me? like?

Lots of enthusiasm, hunger to learn and a clear head are some must have's. We prefer candidates with a prior experience/background in programming. However, that should not stop you from applying. If you're a marketing/non-software guy and wish to switch career, then talk to us to know what's best for you!