Expectation: To complete two functional apps in 13 weeks.

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Program Breakup:

Here’s a breakup of your program time at The Hacking School.

Training: 30%
Development: 60%
Marketing: 10%

Program flow:

Set up your development environment
The Fundamentals of Node/MongoDB
The Fundamentals of AngularJS
The Backend (Node; MongoDB; Express)
The Frontend (AngularJs)

Project 1:

Develop Static App with AngularJS
Persisting your data with MongoDB
REST api Express
Angular talking through REST
Introductions & Connections

Project 2:

Choose Project of your own and start coding. Mentor will guide you
Single Page Application
Node.js backend with Express and MongoDB
AngularJS frontend
Modular Angular components (controllers, services)
Graduation dinner.

Accepting Applications for Mumbai Centre.

Fee: ~$1250

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